Journey to the Centre of the YouTube

Back when I ran a crappy little blog called The Digital Litterateur I used to highlight YouTube videos that really stood out to me, not just for being funny in that YouTube kind of way, but for being genuinely clever or interesting or even just really ass-backwards and weird. Since I know that I’m going to keep doing that here too (it’s just part of who I am), I’ve decided to put up one of my old favorites.

Never before have I been so touched by the power of the human spirit. On YouTube.


  1. What the hell was that? lol I wonder what they were taking when they came up with this concoction... and at a Red Lobster!

  2. Come on dude, the man had to kill a kraken to save HIS BOYS! It is the classic tale of man vs. nature, the fact that it goes down in a Red Lobster is entirely coincidental.