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For those of you looking for a standard-issue Welcome Post, this is the closest you're liable to get, fellow travelers. I'm finally dedicating myself more fully to doing a blog, I've got a name on it that I like and a layout that I'm fond of. As such, "welcome" to any readers who see this (and even to the ones who don't), thank you for visiting and for your consideration. I know that finding a website worth reading can be difficult on the best of days, and even harder when it comes to blogs. I hope that All Strange Places suits you or any person who you might recommend it to.

As far as a declaration of intent goes, you won't find a more concise one than the description in the sidebar. I'll be posting essays and opinion pieces here, as well as reviews of films, books, games, and comics when I think I have something interesting to say on the topic. You'll also find the occasional piece of film criticism and theory dedicated to older films as I discover them or work something out on them. There will also be periodic links and videos and other standard blogger crap, but I'll try to keep that interesting too. I'll also endeavor to keep the politicking to a minimum.

So, again: Welcome and enjoy.


PS: I'd also like to take this chance to get some usage stuff out of the way. This is a blogger page, obviously, so there's that. The posts here will all be written by myself unless otherwise noted. I don't have a problem with a reader quoting anything, though I would appreciate a link to your content and an acknowledgment. (If I post a piece of fiction, things will be different, but please contact me about it.) Finally, the header graphic was made using an old NOAA chart of the Virgin Islands and the text is done in HeadlineHPLHS, a font made freely available by the inestimably awesome HP. Lovecraft Historical Society.

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