Vital Statistics: Week of 06/20 – 06/26

If I’m going to be perfectly honest then I have to say that these posts are kind of stupid. For some reason though, I find them very soothing. There’s just something nice about having a week-to-week record of what I’ve been reading and watching and writing. And besides; what the hell else is a blog really for? So, here is volume three of my weekly list of things you didn’t need to know. Now with little reviews!

Books Read:

  • Pages of Pain, Troy Denning, 1996.
    • The summer months always put me into a funk where all I really want to read is franchise fiction and pulp lit. It’s great, easy summer reading and can be a wonderful way to find more work by authors whose original stories and novels you really enjoyed. Troy Denning is one of those guys, but Pages of Pain is really anything but easy reading. The prose is fairly dense and the subject matter is rather dire. I’ve been working on this one for more than a week now, but I keep getting distracted. If I were to ever want to run a D&D campaign set in Sigil though, this is the book I would fall back on for locations and little details.
  • Star Wars: Hard Contact, Karen Traviss, 2005.
    • Traviss is another of those authors who I’ll usually track across the boundary between franchise and original fiction. Her original long-form military sci-fi series sort of petered out for me at the halfway point, but she remains an author that I really enjoy. This was her first novel in the Star Wars stable, and it kind of shows, but it’s still thoroughly enjoyable if you like that sort of thing.

DVDs Watched:

  • Outland, Warner Brothers/The Ladd Company, 1981.
    • I see you are interested in Outland. Outland is a wise thing to be interested in. Please see this post for more information about Outland if you would like to know more about Outland. Outland.
  • The Road, Dimension Films/2929 Productions, 2009.
    • Gorgeous scenery and production design and some really fine performances from some really fin performers. When I wasn’t drooling over the little environmental details and started paying attention to the film though, I will reluctantly admit to being nearly bored to tears. Post apocalyptic fiction may be great for allowing the players to moodily navel-gaze and lament the things that they have lost, but in a film it doesn’t really make for a solid viewing experience. I don’t mind watching a survival story, but at least have your actors behave in a way that lets me believe they’re actually capable of surviving. An extra dose of half-baked voice-over philosophizing makes this a beautiful but tedious film.
  • Edge of Darkness, Warner Brothers/BBC Films, 2010.
    • Welcome back, Mel.

Comics Read:

  • Star Wars: X-Wing, Rogue Squadron: The Phantom Affair (Series Issues #5-8), Dark Horse, 1996.
    • You may have figured out that I’m awfully fond of Star Wars. No matter how many times George Lucas may try to hurt me, I’ll still have some room in my heart for the franchise, especially when it’s focused on characters who either aren’t from the films or only played very small roles. The Phantom Affair is the second story-arc from Dark Horse’s ongoing monthly from back in the ‘90s (now the third, thanks to a botched semi-reboot a few years back) and it is where the series really hit its stride, I think, finding the balance of humor and action that Mike Stackpole established in his novels while also really nailing the vibe and look of Star Wars. Succeeds despite the truncated storytelling style of the medium, and some inconsistent art.


  • Pages Typed: 9
  • Pages Edited: 0
  • Pages That Are Any Good: 5?
  • Pages Typed in a Barnes & Noble Cafe: 9
  • Electrical Outlets in that cafe: 1 (Seriously? Seriously? Just one, guys? That’s the best you can do?)
  • Number of Computers Being Used by the Girl Sitting in Front of the Outlet: 0
  • Number of People in Line for the Outlet: 4
  • Number of Times She Laughed When People Asked Her to Move: Many, that absolute bitch.
  • Excuse Given When Staff was Confronted with the Issue: “But we have free 3G Wireless!”
  • Number of Damns I Give About That: 0
  • Review of the B&N Cafe: Guys, you have great iced tea and scones, but I move around a lot during the day, and until more than one person can plug their laptop in to work, don’t expect me to come back.


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