Vital Statistics, Week of June 13-19

Last week was pretty busy for me, so there was little activity here. I’m still not finished with the first Stack article as I still haven’t gotten a chance to watch Key Largo, and the site has gone unchanged because It’s been hard to find a spare minute. So, in lieu of actual content, here is more gibberish:

Books Read:

  • Gun, With Occasional Music, Jonathan Lethem, 1994.
  • Pages of Pain, Troy Denning, 1996.

Films Watched:

  • DVD:
    • The Boat that Rocked, Universal, 2009.


  • Pages Typed: 2
  • Pages Hand Written: 6
  • Pages Edited: 0
  • Blog Posts: 1

Thank you for your patience during this trying…whatever. Normal broadcasting operations should be resuming shortly.

Finally, here is a photo I took of the stack of movies and television shows that I have made it my business to watch:


-- Jesus Christ, how did I let something like this happen? --



  1. I see a copy of Outland in there...

  2. I see some Sergio Leone films. Have you ever seen Duck, You Sucker? I find it very underrated.

  3. There is a copy of Outland in there. I was frankly pissed off to realize that I owned my own copy and had never watched it.

    There are also a couple of Leone films, and I have not seen Duck You Sucker. I've always intended to, but just never have. I might look for a copy the next time I get out to the used shop.