Vital Statistics: 07/18-07/24

Coming this week on All Strange Places: A new COOKING COLUMN, something about television maybe, the start of a series on comics, a lot of Starcraft II (Which probably won’t actually appear here, the be honest. Unless I write up some thoughts.), and I might try my hand at liveblogging something. Exciting, right? No. Don’t answer. I already know.

You’re excited.

I think.

Here’s some crap:

  • Books Read:
    • Dragonforge, James Maxey, 2008.
      • James Maxey’s first fantasy novel, Bitterwood, was one of my most pleasant surprises last summer. I’m only about halfway through this sequel and despite its sort of doofy title, it’s an enjoyable and intelligently written fantasy story. I don’t usually go for fantasy stories that are set in a sharply retrogressed future world, but Maxey is up-front about the whole thing, and by not shitting around with the cliché he manages it give it a fresh and honest fell.
  • Movies Watched:
    • 2010: The Year We Make Contact, MGM, 1984.
      • For some reason this is a tremendously unpopular sequel, but I’ve always preferred it to Kubrick’s original. There’s almost nothing about it that I dislike (though Dana Elcar is woefully and hilariously miscast as a Russian) and it has some truly wonderful special effects work, much of which is unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere else. If you’ve never seen it because of the nasty stigma that follows it, I’d heartilly recommend rectifying that.
  • Writing:
    • Fresh Pages: 03
    • Blog Posts: 02


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