Vital Statistics: Week of 06/27 – 04/03

Super late post on this. Things have kind of been a pain in the ass lately.

Books Read:

  • Pages of Pain, Troy Denning, 1996.
    • Still haven’t finished this. Kind of frustrating. I love the book when I’m reading it, but I can’t seem to focus on it for any amount of time. Just one of those things.
  • Shadows Linger, Glen Cook, 1990
    • Really great read if you can take Cook’s style. The brisk, war-journalist tone of the book could probably be quite off-putting for some readers, but I rather enjoy it. Follows up the story from The Black Company nicely, while also working as a more personal and character driven type of story, and it builds things nicely to the conclusion in the next book. I also have to commend Cook for taking the tired old fantasy archetype of the cowardly, downtrodden tavern master and turning it into something enjoyable and well developed with the character of Marron Shed. On the whole, a terribly enjoyable book and follow-up, even if Raven does go out like a total bitch.

DVDs Watched:

  • Slither, Universal Pictures, 2006.
    • Science fiction version of Evil Dead 2. Really fun casual viewing, with some really creative horror/comedy elements and effects. Great cast, well put together, and some fantastic special features on the disk. This is one of those movies that I’ll pop in for noise and will usually end up sitting down to watch regardless.
  • Space, Above and Beyond, Fox Television, 1995. (Disks 1-3)
    • Doing this one for the next Working Through the Stack Column, so keep an eye out for that.


  • Pages Typed: 11
  • Pages Handwritten: 6
  • Pages Edited: 0


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