Vital Statistics: Week of 07/25-07/31

The observant reader may have noticed that posting has been very light lately. I’ve been tremendously busy with projects and prepping for school to start back up and you can expect things to continue like this for the next week or so. It’s unfortunate but I sort of have to do it. So please look forward to a resumption of regular broadcasts soon, and go now to this tatty list of things with my apologies:

Books Read:

  • Dragonforge, James Maxey, 2008.
    • I finished this one up and found it enjoyable if not as strong as the first entry in the series. There’s an awful lot of new exposition that is covered very quickly (so quickly that it seems almost as if it will not be touched upon again, and if that’s the case; why bother?), and there’s a tremendous amount of reliance on coincidence. Maxey pulls a lot from Christianity in his setting, using it as one of the three primary religions that shape the landscape of the world, and I’m a little bit concerned that he might be moving in the direction of a supernatural guiding hand. Still, a good, light adventure/fantasy read.


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