Things Observed: 01-08-2012

Had a great lunch with some NaNoWriMo people today, and on the way home I drove past this lovely, grand looking Catholic church that was hosting what may be the best Christmas nativity scene ever made. It was one of those painted wooden stand-up jobs, but someone had put some real care and effort into the painting and making sure that the figures looked really active and dynamic. It was very nicely done.

The only problem is that it looked like all of the characters were having a gigantic, screaming Christmas Dinner argument.

Shit looked like the climax of the paternity reveal specials that day-time talk shows do. One Wise Man all pointing angrily down at the Baby Jesus while he screamed across the manger at his buddies. Mary stuck off in one corner, down on her knees with an expression of shock on her face. Brilliant.

I kind of want to go back and put a life-size cardboard cut out of Maury in the middle of it.


Doin' Thangs

2012 is getting under way, and that means that it is, again, time to pretend like I'm taking this blog seriously for a month or two.

Watch this space.